Our All-Stars/Headliners:

Scott Lowe, Edward Haletky, Cody Bunch, Thomas Bryant, Dave McCrory, Jason Brandt …

The inaugural event for vScience is being moved to a Virtual Event due to popular demand. Please be patient as we find the proper venue.

vScience, LLC provides workshops and conferences on the science of virtualization and cloud technologies. With classroom-style, technical hands-on training, taught by highly respected industry experts that facilitate deep-dive technical sessions, vScience fills the virtualization training gap currently not being addressed by other venues. vScience workshops are vendor neutral with events and activities sponsored by leading industry technology companies.

vScience is the first industry conference to include the audience in a group-wide “live-design” exercise that works to solve in real-time, a complex virtualization problem. The live-design activity leverages all technical aspects of the workshop in order to produce a “real-world” working virtualization implementation design that will then be made publicly available.

About vScience Workshops and Conferences


vScience will offer virtualization workshops and conferences in a virtual format.

Who should attend?:

vScience workshops are highly technical training workshops that feature well known individuals who can go incredibly deep into a subject to educate the attendees on the intricacies of virtualization and cloud technologies. This is a workshop for those who want to refine their skills, increase their knowledge, and otherwise network with like minded individuals.

The audience will be skilled and motivated individuals who wish to learn more or sharpen their skills in virtualization and cloud computing technologies.  The audience is expected to be a mix of architects, developers and administrators of virtual and cloud environments